Consulting: Breakthrough Solutions

Consulting:  Breakthrough Solutions

Projects and Plans that are Energizing, Practical, and Fundable

Doing strategic planning?  Growing your funding?  Developing a new project or enterprise?  There is a special genius in your community or organization, just waiting to be tapped for increased funding, greater visibility, and sustainable impact.

Luther's consultations produce real outcomes with projects and plans that take root and grow with you.  Building on his breakthrough analysis of community and organizational dynamics, Luther helps your people see your strengths and strategic opportunities in even the toughest situations.  He helps craft innovative solutions that appeal to potential supporters and partners.  And he builds the capacities of your leaders to lead ongoing community success, long after the consultation is over.

Why work with Luther Snow?

1.  Luther applies a special knowledge of group dynamics and assets to help you generate uniquely effective solutions to tough problems.

2.  You'll save time and expenditure, and you will generate significant new resources and support for your work.

3.  Your efforts will attract funding and other support, because they will appeal to mutual interests.

4.  Luther is a recognized leader with 35 years of successful experience in an extraordinarily broad range of technical subjects.

5.  He has consulted for, staffed, led, funded, and coached over 500 organizations working for the common good.

6.  Luther's innovative models, methods, and tools have been tested, applied, and replicated by expert practitioners and leading organizations in several fields.

7.  With your success, you will become recognized as a model for others in the field.

Participant and client feedback:

"Instead of just producing a "plan to sit on a shelf," Luther engaged us in positive action that led to systemic change.

"Luther's consulting, training, and speaking helped turn the tide for our organization.  Our membership grew, we raised new funds, and we became recognized as a leading organization by our peers.

"Our citizens were in conflict with each other over a major real estate development issue.  Luther helped us elected officials to recognize the positives in what people were saying, and enabled us to lead the community toward action everyone could agree on.

"Luther wrote the best grant proposal I've ever seen.

"The key is, Luther cares."

Generating Social Innovation

Beyond Asset Mapping, Luther has led in the development of over 50 models of social innovation, from inner citiy neighborhoods to rural communities, from enterprise finance to grassroots organizing.  We're working on an online network to share and exchange such models and approaches among colleagues.  Watch for more news on this effort.

How to engage Luther Snow as a consultant for your group or organization.

Send me an email with your phone number, and let's talk!

We'll work together to design a consultation that works for you.  Consultations draw from participant-based analysis, group facilitation, research and evaluation, coaching, and even public speaking, depending on your context and purpose.  You get the best bang-for-the-buck, and together we will make a difference. 

I appreciate your contributions, thank you for your interest, and look forward to hearing from you!